Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Horse Art

I got the idea for an art wall in Baby Girl's room when I discovered Costco Photo Center's gallery of free art images.  We had a fun afternoon of browsing through and picking her favorite horse pictures, then I added a few more images from other sources (like the Uffington and Lascaux horses) and had them all printed on photo paper for under $15 (considerably cheaper than the framed canvas option).

With the help of a hand-me-down workbench from a friend and a circular saw, a few sheets of MDF scrap were soon cut into the right sizes to back these photos.  I painted the edges of the MDF with an off-white to match the room's trim, used a thin layer of wood glue to fix the photos onto the boards.

Then of course the pictures sat stacked on her dresser for months until I finally got around to hanging them up today.  But I do have an excuse:

Introducing Barclay, here at 11 weeks, the newest member of our family