Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Can you find the Halloween addition?  I'll remove it in November and it'll be our Thanksgiving wreath.
 This time of year is too busy to allow time for blogging, but I wanted to put up some pictures of our Halloween home and maybe inspire you on your own home decorating adventures.  I'm not much for gruesome and gore, so it's mostly creepy crawlies around here (and cute ones, at that). 

A yarn candy bowl the Ninja made last year.  Find instructions here.

Banner from my creative sister-in-law.  Felt, ribbon, and heat-n-bond.

Mini treat pumpkins, hung from a tree and lit with an LED tealight.  You may need to trim the opening with some scissors to get the light to fit.

More pom-pom spiders.

And this was a purchase my mother insisted on - "You'll never have time to make it!" - and she was right, I didn't.  But I have the glass, and the cutter, and the silicone and grout, and will one day get around to replicating this.  Maybe when things slow down in February.

And the kaleidoscope of butterflies is down, and in the process of being replaced with a few bats.  Maybe I'll actually get it done before Halloween... I'll post a picture if that happens.  Right now the priority is getting the kids encostumed before the first party.
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