Friday, April 1, 2011

The 4 R's

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.... and Ruffles.

I love repurposing and extending the life of just about everything... and with a little girl who grows too quickly, ruffles are just magic.  We got some great hand-me-downs that I loved, but were just a bit small - the jeans were highwaters, and the dress was short and tight around the arm holes. 

A ruffle of scrap fabric fixed the jeans, and cannibalizing an old blouse of mine for a ruffle and sleeves, we had an entirely new dress.  The dress had an underskirt which I sewed a wide ruffle onto, and after widening the arm holes, I sewed on the new sleeves (taken from my blouse, but trimmed down to size and given some fresh elastic).

Next up: to try to convert a too-small long-seeve onesie into a T-shirt for potty-trained, summertime wearing.

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