Monday, April 4, 2011

Outdoor chandelier

About half a year ago, since I was running out of shelf space, I put up a bar to hang orchids from in the screen porch.
It was definitely less form than function: electrical conduit (the cheapest way, per foot, to get a sturdy rod), chain, eye-bolts through the porch frame and conduit, and quick links to hook it all together.
As it turned out, it wasn't that functional either, since in order for the plants to get any light, I'd have to hang the bar so low that the roots were brushing the table below.  So the orchids went back on the tree, and the bar just hung there, until I found these strings of lanterns on sale last week:

We've been needing more light on our porch, and the bar turned out to be the perfect frame for a chandelier:

Someday I may get up the energy to do it right - get out the ladder, pull it all down, take the lights off, spray paint the rod and chain an espresso brown, and put it all up again - but for now I'm just enjoying my new lights.

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